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Why Should You Attend A Yoga Retreat?

If you are going to ask hundred people attending a yoga retreat, you will get a hundred answers that are usually interesting and thought-provoking. Here are the top three reasons why an individual should attend a yoga retreat.

Facilitating Healing & Transformation

Stress is expressed at all levels including physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. One of the most effective ways to forget about the feeling of burnt out is to attend a yoga retreat. A yoga retreat Why Should You Attend A Yoga Retreat? can definitely energize the mind, heart, body and soul. The sense of balance can be restored during a yoga retreat. When this balance is brought back to your entire life, the healing process will begin automatically. This process can also lead to a holistic transformation of the individual’s philosophies in life, for instance.

As you rediscover yourself during the retreat, you will be able to psyche your inner self and then reconnect back with it. Now, you will leave the retreat with new values, desires, and passions that are more aligned to the true you.

Supporting Life Change and Transition

Change is inevitable. The only problem here is that not all people are confident in dealing with life changes. Yoga retreats help people in coping with the change positively. For example, if you are currently reassessing your priorities in terms of family and career, a yoga retreat can help you transform with the impending changes in the healthy way. Through a yoga retreat, you will gain a deeper understanding of the consequences of the change.

With clarity of mind, you will be able to build your courage as well as your internal strength that will help you go through an otherwise discouraging part of your life.

Creating New Perspectives

Perspectives, when they are no longer necessary or useful or helping you, must be also changed. When you are confronted by a difficult situation or is currently struggling, gaining new perspectives about life is possible with attending yoga retreats. A yoga retreat can mean a break to your usual routine, allowing you to assess your current situation from all perspectives possible. With an ample amount of space and time, you will be able to contemplate on what, how, and why you want for that particular situation to end.

If you have no idea of what particular yoga retreat to attend to, here are some places that you may consider. These are Anamaya Resort in Costa Rica, Talalla Retreat in Sri Lanka, and Samahita Retreat in Thailand.

Anamaya Resort offers yoga retreat packages inclusive of the food and with meat options. The packages are inclusive of fun activities like water-based activities. Talalla Retreat, on the other hand, offers pre-booked retreats. Guests stay on a hotel that is equipped with five-star like facilities and amenities. Samahita Retreats offer various yoga retreat options. It has a large yoga retreat center that focuses on a holistic approach towards life.

Regardless of your reason in attending a yoga retreat, there is always a yoga retreat center to cater to your needs.

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Vinyasa Yoga Flow

Sweat Your Turtle Off! This vinyasa yoga flow sequence is nearly a full length yoga class. You will warm up with sun salutations, then you will move through a complete practice of stretching, balancing, twisting, strengthening your core and resting.

Please make sure to listen to your body and only practices postures that are appropriate and safe for you. If you are not sure, discuss with your physician before participating.

This video was filmed at the Toronto Brick Works.

No turtles were harmed in the making of the video ;)


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Yoga for Abs and Core Strength

In this video “yoga for abs and core strength” Esther Ekhart shows you how to tone your six pack and feel stronger in yourself.

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Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana

Yoga online with Corrina Richards. Learn how to break down the basics of Dwi Pada Viparita Dandasana (Two-Foot Inverted Staff Pose). Yoga Teacher, Corrina Richards will guide you through some preparatory poses to open the chest and back for this deep back bending pose.

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Tricks And Tips On Massage Treatment

You don’t really need to be a certificate to offer somebody a great massage therapy. Your friends and family may benefit from and love the hands. Look at the tips and utilize those to give high quality massages. You may have a collection of men and women want massages.

If it appears that your topic is reacting properly to a particular strategy, then continue to keep kneading because place.

A qualified masseuse has gotten specific instruction and definately will understand your requirements much better. Hiring a person on this grade guarantees you a certain degree of professionalism that the treatment is expert and secure.

mieszkania poznan Check with inquiries if you could have in your restorative massage treatment.Your specialist will be glad to solution any concerns which you may have. You simply need to feel safe, consider getting whatever important information to make which happen.

You should be careful about your companion when offering a good therapeutic massage. You must find out how they grow to be tighten and what their experience is demonstrating. As you improvement within your technique, you will see to learn the reactions of your subject’s physique with your skilled hands.When you notice their muscles obtaining tense, you might be applying excessive pressure.

Check with the questions if maybe you have throughout your massage therapy program. Your counselor will gladly solution one of your queries. Your full ease and comfort is definitely the goal, so check with apart.

While medicine may be needed for your needs, it doesn’t truly clear away the serious aching sensing inside your bones. Massages assistance with boosting your circulation, blood flow and blood flow which should aid in aches and pains linked to rheumatoid arthritis.

You should watch your lover which is a great therapeutic massage.You need to see muscle mass stress and face expressions. It will take exercise, but you can get to a degree where one can go through their body making use of your hands and wrists. In case the individual can feel stressed, you are probably using too much tension.

Don’t let oneself to be concerned about your body when investing in a massage therapy. Dress in as little garments so that your counselor can get the job done. A specialist masseuse will skillfully make you stay protected utilizing sheet-draping.

Don’t make it to yourself when you are acquiring a sporting activities or deep tissues restorative massage. As there is no harm in shutting the eyes and soothing, make sure you articulate up also in the event you experience any tightness, tightness or other uncomfort. The masseuse has to know how you happen to be sensation in order that you steer clear of damage.

Tell your masseuse where your issues rest.A massage’s aim would be to loosen up and goal your condition places.

As soon as you consume, you must allow yourself a restorative massage. It requires getting both of your hands for you stomach and moving them all around. This acts to help with digestive function and push meals goes coupled your digestive tract this way.

In which can you massage when you’re providing your massage? Where the discomfort is! Get started because is painful one of the most and shift outward. If you find new discomfort, rub this at the same time. Once the great feeling finishes, the massage therapy can stop.

A straightforward restorative massage that will help your feet to feel good is always to swivel your legs. Set your hand beneath your back heel and seize the soccer ball in the foot making use of the contrary.

Should you massage a person with essential oil, make sure you permit them to clean up for some reason. This will aid remove the unwanted essential oil. This will aid keep skin pores from blocking and nice and clean.

This is especially true in case you are having a kid at that time. This information can help them develop a prepare for your particular requirements. You can end up developing issues when the masseuse is not really know what you will be carrying out.

Ask your masseuse if she or he has a referral plans. You just might preserve quite a low cost on your own friends. This is especially beneficial if you’re with limited funds or require massages frequently to be able to feel well.

Therapeutic massage is a good way of alternative or accessory for the recovery process. Those who have problems with discomfort linked to fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia syndrome, migraines, and athletics-relevant traumas can be helped by massage along with prescribed or over the counter medication. Therapeutic massage can provide more options than common pain relievers on the market.

Drink lots of water immediately after a message. Normal water remains the best way to clear away the toxins provide in your body and you ought to not change it out with everything else. It must be h2o for your system for top level cleansing consequences.

There are many restorative massage strategies and it is crucial that you could do in massage accept new ones periodically. In case your massage therapist only presents strong tissues massages, shop around and see if you can go someplace else.

A massage therapy should be done employing slow and sleek and therefore get in the proper route. When maintaining complicated massage therapy styles looks significant, in the key massages are meant to give pleasure for your system.

mieszkania poznan Sporting activities massages are for sportsmen. A massage therapy will allow you to steer clear of functionality stress and anxiety. A sporting activities massage uses pressure to improve flow inside the systems blood flow.

Will not forget to share with your therapeutic massage kitchen table — say just what you will like. Some therapeutic massage practitioners will click your system way too hard although some tend not to hesitate to inform them. You are investing in the assistance, so you ought to have the assistance that you want.

Only use a qualified massage therapist.Look up their title on the web and try to get buyer evaluations or recommendations. Make sure to phone pros you are interested in so that you can inquire about references and references.

Don’t be afraid to know your preferences in your masseuse.Don’t forget to speak up and inquire once they will proceed to something else.

Kneading the flesh when supplying a therapeutic massage is important. You want to stay away from carrying it out very hard or at each moment from the overall therapeutic massage. Consider performing it on kneading flesh in several approaches at different occasions. You might use of the fists or maybe the suggestions of your own fingertips in several transferring motions.

Massages might be fantastic. Everybody, male or female, can get 1 these days. Everyone ought to get the key benefits of an excellent massage therapy. You now know more about massage after reading this short article. Enjoy!

mieszkania poznaƄ

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Genotype test approved for those with chronic hepatitis C

Hepatitis C is the most common chronic blood-borne infection in the United States, chronically affecting 3.2 million people. The virus is also the leading cause of liver transplants, according to the CDC

Genotype test approved for those with chronic hepatitis C (Video) The latest in Holistic Health from Enlightened Lotus Wellness Founder, Ellice Campbell, Arapahoe County Holistic Health Examiner @examinercom

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Weight Loss Yoga Sequence

Get ready for swimsuit season with this weight loss yoga sequence! Whether you are looking to tone the body or just find what feels good Adriene brings a real approach to this full body workout providing instruction and alignment for all levels! Get inspired! Do what you can! Modify as needed and return to this practice again and again to build strength, flexibility, evolve and grow! Quiet the mind, connect to the breath and move your body.

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Yoga Online: The Future

By: Yogacharya

Doing yoga at home is not just for yoga teachers and hard-core yogis. It’s what we should all be striving to do, in my opinion. Now, with the internet, it’s easier than ever … but it can be potentially dangerous too!

The internet didn’t exist though, when I first started yoga. Perhaps that was a good thing. The only real option (to me at least) was going to India … the source, which is exactly what I did, spending years in yoga ashrams and studying with various yoga teachers along the way.

But still, I felt like something was missing. It wasn’t until I found Swami Gitananda’s “Yoga Step By Step” correspondence course that the “yoga lightbulb(s) finally came on. Yeah, I know … but this was no ordinaYoga Online:Solid Programs for Practicing Yoga at Home ry yoga book. It was a yoga masterpiece, and my understanding of yoga has never been the same since.

That program really taught me what yoga was all about … and it demonstrated to me that, when done skilfully, yoga can indeed be taught in this medium … and taught very effectively.

To find out how yoga can learn yoga online, Click Here …

Over the years, I have experimented with various “non-traditional” yoga teachings methods of my own. Ever since the early days of the internet, I’ve known that this would eventually become the next yoga frontier. Now, after many versions and variations, I have some solid training programs online that seem to be doing a good job teaching people how to practice yoga at home.

There’s no substitute to yoga instruction live and in person, which is why I will always teach yoga classes. But I know that there are also many limitations to this modern way of teaching, which is why I have created more comprehensive yoga training programs online.

To learn more about Yogacharya’s comprehensive online yoga programs, Click Here …

The internet is an important tool for the future of yoga, one that only a very few teachers have realized so far. The zillion yoga websites out there today haven’t gotten it yet. But some yoga teachers are honing their web development skills and recognizing the power that cyberspace has for spreading the transformative power of yoga around the globe. When more enlightened folks start to clue in to this potential, the future of yoga online looks very enlightening indeed.


Yogacharya is the Director of International Yogalayam, Editor of The Yoga News, and creator of The Yoga Tutor, a step-by-step online yoga training website.

For your FREE TRIAL of The Yoga Tutor, visit

© Copyright – Yogacharya. All Rights Reserved Worldwide. You may freely republish this article, provided the text, author credit, the active links and this copyright notice remain intact.


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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Zen Music: Balance and Relaxation

Enjoy this full zen album for balance and meditation.


01. Dawn, 02. Flower, 03. Moon, 04. Feng Shui, 05. Daylight, 06. Stone Garden, 07. Snow, 08. Twilight, 09. Birds, 10. Fire, 11. Wind, 12. The Milky Way, 13. Dusk.


01. Path to Enlightnement, 02. Satori, 03. Ambrosial Dew, 04. Zazen, 05. Azure Skies, 06. The Songbird, 07. Love and Devotion, 08. Reunion of Joy, 09. Amidst the Cherry Blossoms, 10. Answered by Silence, 11. The Sacred Shrine, 12. The Gateless Gate, 13. Perpetual Peace

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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hip Opener Yoga Class

This is a hip opener class. The theme of the class is based on a hiking experience at Putnam Pond in the Adirondacks — talking about how seeing the external beauty that is around you helps you to see your own inner light and goodness that comes from inside.

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Chive Blossom Dressing

DSC_5905 There’s still time to make this yummy homemade salad dressing, especially if you live in cooler climates and things in your garden are just starting to grow! Those little pink flowers on the tops of your chive are bursting with flavor! This is a simple recipe and you can make a large batch and it will last through the rest of the year!

Makes a large batch!!

1 ½ cups chive blossoms

2 ½ cups white vinegar

In a Mason jar, fill ¾ of the way with chive blossoms. Fill the jar with white vinegar. Store in a cool, dark place for up to two weeks. The vinegar will change to a light pink color. Drain out the liquid and compost remaining flowers.

Add this vinegar to your favorite salad with some good olive oil and you’ll never get enough!! Grab a copy of my new summer recipe book Farm Foodie Fitness “Homegrown” and get over 20 more healthy garden to table recipes.

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Deep Stretching – Hilaria Baldwin

Celebrity yoga instructor Hilaria Baldwin leads an invigorating Vinyasa yoga workout focusing on deep stretching, at the historic Boscobel House & Gardens estate in Garrison, NY.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Yoga for Back Pain

A 15 minute video that targets the source of a lot of back pain – tight hips and hamstrings. Often times tight hips are to blame for low back pain. Here is a twenty minute yoga sequence for opening up the hips and releasing low back pain.

Candace is a globally based yoga instructor, retreat leader and healthy living blogger. She loves travel, reading, a good cup of tea and dogs. Find her online at

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Swan Pose Explained

Olav is showing us step-by-step how to get into Swan Pose, very similar to Peacock Pose (…) . Not an easy Yoga pose and it requires quite some arm strength and balance. Try it and let me know how you got on.

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Monday, June 3, 2013

Badass Yoga for Detox

Welcome to a turbo-cleansing sequence that gets you glowing, anti-aging, digesting and detoxifying old crap on outta there, so you look and feel your amazing best!. Doing 30 minutes of this yoga for detox sequence is like 45 minutes at the gym, or any other yoga practice. It’s a multitasker’s dream workout which sparks total body fitness and healing boost. I recommend doing this flow once or twice through, 4-5 times a week. Cross-train with my other Badass Yoga Flow workouts, Weight Loss and Energy for best results! To get them, email me at!

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Mala Beads for Your Yoga and Meditation Practice

For several years now, mala beads have been a popular accessory in modern yoga and meditation practice as a spiritual object for focusing theMala Beads for Meditation and Yoga mind and as a form of jewelry. Mala beads have been used since at least the 10th century by monks and gurus in their meditation practice in the East. A mala is a strand of 108, 54, 27, or 21 beads used to keep count of mantras, breaths, or affirmations during a meditation sit.

How to Use Mala Beads

You can use a mala in many ways. Some practitioners choose to use their mala beads in a traditional context, passing over each bead for a full in-breath and out-breath during a meditation sit for a count of 108. Other practitioners like to use their mala beads as spiritual object that they wear during yoga and meditation, which they can then wear off the mat as a reminder of their practice. Finally, some people like to place their mala beads in their home as a sacred object. Regardless of which way people choose to use their mala beads, this object can act as a centering tool, reminding you of your yoga and meditation practice.

Types of Mala Beads

There are many types of mala beads on the market. Traditional pieces are made from rudraksha seeds, Bodhi seeds, tulsi beads, and rosewood. Gemstone mala beads are also used, and historically were reserved for monks. The benefits of choosing a gemstone mala, is that you can match the meaning of the gemstones with the goals of your practice. For example, if you are working on compassion in your practice, a mala made from turquoise mala beads can help with the energetic shift and retraining of the mind. Gemstone mala beads come in a wide variety of stones such as tiger eye, black onyx, moonstone, and rose quartz, to name a few. From an aesthetic perspective, if you wish to wear your mala beads off the mat, you can choose a gemstone in a color family to match your color preferences.

There are also custom mala beads. Some mala manufacturers allow you to select all of your beads to design a mala instantaneously. Other makers of mala beads will take the time to work with you, on a one-to-one basis, and will evaluate the best type of mala for your practice and give you design guidance.

Choosing a Quality Mala

When purchasing mala beads it is important to consider quality. If you are buying a gemstone mala, find a maker that uses A or AB grade gemstones. The quality of gemstones will affect the durability of the piece in the long term. It is also important to choose a mala made on appropriate stringing material. Durable mala beads will be made on braided cord, premium stretch string or durable wire. Finally, mala bead makers should have a product guarantee and be willing to repair your mala if it breaks.

If you have any questions about purchasing a mala please contact the author.

Author Bio:

Jacqueline Medalye is the designer and owner of Salt Spring Malas and Yoga Jewelry. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years and she has been making beaded jewelry for over 20 years. After traveling throughout India she began making malas. Jacqueline feels that Salt Spring Malas is her path of right livelihood given her passion for yoga, beads and jewelry design.

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