Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Building a Stronger Immune System for Your Kids

photo credit: Well, it’s official the kids are back in school and summer is pretty much gone in the blink of an eye. Hard for the kids to head back to school and this year I know a lot of mama’s that have had a hard time letting their little ones rush off to school. It’s that bittersweet feeling…we get some time for ourselves here and there, but with that kicks in the guilt of just keeping them home and young a little bit longer.

Anyway with going back to school comes the sneezing, nose wiping, coughing, hand holding, toy sharing, a complete dirt and germ fest. How do we keep our little ones healthier and out of the doctor’s office a little more this year? With little secrets to help boost their immune system!!

  1. Eat Better- It’s hard to eat “right” all the time especially with school in session, we’re rushing in the mornings, rushing to get them to practice, and then rushing home to feed them, bath them, and get them in bed. So plan ahead. Prepare lunches the night before so you can put some thought into them. Make a dinner menu for the week. Plan out what you’re having for dinner for the week on Sunday, put it down on paper or on a chalkboard for everyone to see. For late nights, save the easier dinner like turkey tacos or pasta for the nights they have practice and you’ll be getting home late. Stock the car with healthy snacks, so when they’re starving you’re not running to the nearest drive through. And don’t forget breakfast!! The most important meal of the day. Fill them up with the good stuff first thing in the morning, they’ll be less likely to reach for the candy bar and soda in the school cafeteria.

  2. Sleep More- We all fight with them at least a couple of nights a week to “go to sleep!” Make a nightly routine to settle them early, let them read in bed for 30-45 minutes before turning out the lights. Add a drop of lavender to their pillow cases for sound sleep and helps stimulate the immune system. Get rid of the tv and video games from their rooms. It’s proven to cause over stimulation in return causes lack of sleep.

  3. Exercise regularly- It’s sad to hear that some schools have started to cut gym from school budgets. With an obesity epidemic in our schools, this is completely absurd to me! Exercise stimulates defense mechanisms, lowers blood sugars, removes toxins, and promotes a positive mood. Get them outside for some fresh air also! Let them run like crazy for 30+ minutes. Believe me it’s good for your immune system too! ;)

  4. Stay Hydrated-Kids these days are drinking way to much soda, sugary energy photo credit: drinks, and not so juicy juice! Incorporate more water into their diets, especially during extreme temperatures and during sports activities. Kids not a fan of water? Spruce it up with some lemon, cucumber, orange, even watermelon slices to make it a little more flavorful. Dehydration weakens the immune system and causes chemical and nutritional imbalances, so start off slow… dilute their juice or give them water for dinner with a couple berries at the bottom of the glass. Then work you’re way up to a couple glasses a day!

  5. Incorporate Essential Oils- When you can, add essential oils to water, lavender to help sleep, diffuse orange into the air to boost moods and emotional levels. Peppermint helps with belly aches and Melaluca assists with healing. There are tons of them out there.

****Make sure to always read the labels and ask an oils educator when incorporating essential oils into your life and your children’s life. Some oils should not be ingested and pregnant and small children need extra precautions.***

Hope these simple and easy ways help keep your little ones and family, healthier through this school year and upcoming winter months! It doesn’t have to be a drastic change to make a difference, just small steps into changing habits that make all the difference. Here’s the being healthy, happy, and doctor free this school year!!

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