Friday, May 15, 2015

Food Revolution Day- Fight for Healthy Kids & Food Education

Photo credit: jamie oliver

Photo credit: jamie oliver

Today is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day! He’s always been a huge inspiration to me and I’ve been following him for almost 10 years. I love everything he stands for and his campaign to fight for food education and healthy kids is one of my passions as well! Today is his day to get the world involved and stand  up for our children not only in the UK and the US but all over the world.

The generation of children today are at a high risk of dying before their parents. That’s terrifying! Our children are our future and we’re not even giving them the chance to thrive, live healthy active lives, and understand that what they are consuming is slowly killing them.

As a mama of two beautiful little ones, I do my part every day to make sure they are getting the best nutrition I can possibly give them and yes they are kids they want their treats and sweets and I indulge them some times. Life is short and beautiful, you have to enjoy the sweet and yummy things in life just in moderation.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach and Master Gardener, I’ve made it my mission to try to spread the word on health and wellness, how to grow your own food and start your own garden, how to shop locally, and for the past 2 years I’ve started a nutrition program and edible school garden at one of the local elementary schools. I love being able to be out there with the little guys, and they get so excited to know what is growing, things they can make and cook with what they have harvested, and know that what they are eating is actually fueling their body to run, learn, read, and play.

Jamie’s big thing this year is to make “Squash It Sandwiches.” Simple, fun and healthy food to have the kids get involved and make their own. (See video) Teachers, Parents, Food Revolution Ambassadors, celebrities, and schools all over the world will be getting involved today. See how you can!

food rev collageSince my school was having a huge fundraiser the night before and the cafeteria has been tied up all week. On Wednesday, I went out with the Pre-K and Kindergarten kids and we talked about the garden, the weather has stayed cooler here until about 2 weeks ago so the garden is a little behind on harvesting so unfortunately we couldn’t harvest, but we did make our own herb and Greek yogurt dip at the picnic tables, snacked on carrots, snap peas, and cherry tomatoes, and talked about nutrition. So to be apart of Food Revolution Day today we celebrated a little early and a little different. But, so much fun and so exciting to see the kids come back for more veggies. The best feeling to know they’re excited, you’re doing something to make a difference, and then when 24 of them hug you all at once at the end and it makes your heart melt… it’s worth every bit of the work and getting your hands dirty.

Find a way to celebrate today even if it’s with the kids or grands and you’re just cooking dinner. Have them get involved and help cook or wash veggies, let them set the table or help clean up. You never know the impact you’re making in their lives. Here’s to Jamie Oliver and everything he’s done and continues to do to make our kids a little healthier and happier and making a difference with food education. Enjoy some of our pictures and make sure to check out Jamie’s Foundation and Food Rev Day!


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