Friday, May 10, 2013

Top 5 Rehab Centers that Make Patients Feel at Home

Getting the best care possible is the key to completing a rehabilitation program successfully. Many patients feel as if they are a burden to others during rehab, and this leads to lack of faith in themselves and the program. In order to eliminate these feelings, a family rehab environment is the ideal choice. When seeking a supportive and caring environment, the top 5 rehabs that make patients feel at home are a great place to start.

Father Martin‘s

This 147-acre rehabilitation facility provides a compassionate approach to drug and alcohol recovery. Located near the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, Father Martin’s program treats every participant with dignity and respect during their recovery.

Malibu Horizon

With one of the most successful patient records in the industry, Malibu Horizon combines medically proven rehabilitation methods with a caring 1-on-1 approach to therapy.

View Point Recovery Center

This family oriented facility is one of the highest rated locations for alcohol and drug rehab in Phoenix . The dedicated staff treats every patient like family, and provides one of the most effective Arizona substance abuse program in the entire state. The tightly-knit home environment provides a caring solution for addictions of all kinds, and supports the patient’s need for comfort, privacy and respect.

Caron Pennsylvania

This facility sets on a spacious campus environment to support an overall feeling of welcomeness and healing. The Pennsylvania facility is considered a home away from home among patients, but other Caron treatment centers utilize the very same principles throughout the recovery process. Located in Wernersville, the Caron Pennsylvania facility provides treatment and support for patients and their families to overcome the impact of addiction.

Harmony Foundation

Panorama of Estes Park, , , taken at an altitu...

Panorama of Estes Park (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Located just outside of Estes Park, Colorado, the Harmony Foundation is one of the most scenic rehabilitation centers in the mid-west region. Nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts will find the area provides an overall positive outlook during treatment. Using a tried and true 12-step treatment program, the Harmony Foundation is one of the longest operating rehabilitation facilities in the country.

Many sufferers of substance abuse are reluctant to enter a rehabilitation program. Finding a treatment facility with a history of success is a must, but feeling welcomed into a caring environment is equally important. All 5 of these rehab centers hold a reputation for using proven treatment methods, treating each person as an individual and making every patient feel at home.

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