Friday, July 26, 2013

True to the Organic Diet: 5 Sneaky Ways to Get an Extra Energy Boost

When you’re trying to eat clean, using fruits and vegetables is just regular routine for your three squares a day. However, trying to figure out which foods are going to give you an extra energy boost can be a little bit harder. This is why a lot of people do a blender comparison before they start to eat clean, so they can find a model that gives them the most out of their food. Here are some ideas to get you started!


Bananas are common in smoothies, but they are also great for giving your body a shot of fuel. As your body digests them, it turns the bananas into sugar that your body uses for quick activity boosts. If you really want to increase this, you can also add in a spoonful of peanut butter as well.


Momma always said to eat your greens and this is no exception! Don’t forget to throw in the spinach, Popeye! Spinach gives your body the necessary iron it takes to get through the day and helps keep you awake and active. Fresh spinach is an excellent tasty ingredient that will give your nutrient levels a significant increase, as well as provide a large portion of your recommended iron each day.


Breakfast is a meal no one should skip and smoothies make this even easier. Adding in oranges and grapefruits to your shakes gives you a healthy dose of Vitamin C. It helps your body maintain a constant level of energy throughout the day, and also the ability to fight off potential sicknesses.

Sweet potatoes

They say potatoes make your butt big, but sweet potatoes are actually healthy for you. Cut them up and add them into your smoothies to get a long-lasting source of energy. Their dense structure and carbohydrate-packed insides give your body something to draw off for a longer time during the day.

Spicy herbs

Depending on what kind of smoothies you’re putting together, add in some spicy herbs. These are natural energy boosters and kick your metabolism into high gear. They lift your energy levels as well as your mood and your heart’s performance at the same time. These are excellent additions to your nutritious shakes and should be added in as often as possible.

When you start using these food ingredients for higher energy levels, it will cause your body to crave them even more. It’s about creating a natural habit that is not only tasty, but also extremely healthy.

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